Pilates ABS

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6135)

The ab exercises described below are from a form of exercise called "pilates". If you are not familiar or do not understand my descriptions, please email me. I would love to hear from you!

Exercise Number 1:

"Roll-Ups" Sit up tall on a mat with arms extended overhead. Shoulder blades are back and d own. Abs contracted up and in. Inhale as you round your spine and contract your abdominals. Start to slowly roll yourself onto the mat until you are flat on the mat stretched out.Exhale as you do this. If a class member has weak abs, their feet will lift up or they will fall back at a certain point. This teaches spine stabilization and core strength. To return, tuck chin to chest, arms stretched out and start to "peel" yourself off of the mat until you have reached the start ing position.Do this 5 times.

Exercise Number 2:

"Opposite Arm and Leg Presses"
Start in a supine position laying on your back. Hips are flexed 90 degrees with both legs up to the ceiling. Arms are beside you with palms on the ground. Start with a deep breath and lower right leg on 4 counts and return then the left. Keep abs strong and lower back to the floor. Remind participants not to lower their leg to low if they have lower back problems. Once they have the leg part; add the arms reaching up to the ceiling. (90 degrees) Practice pressing the right arm and left arm over head and down to the floor. Once they have that, then...Press the right leg to the floor while the left arm pressed to the floor and the leg returns the arm returns overhead. This is great for coordination and works the entire "core" or torso area.

More to come.......Enjoy!

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