Body Smart Muscle Work-"LEGS"

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Body bar: (can use dumbbells also, but hold them down at your sides)
  • Squats-hold the bar in arms, close to your body at the midsection to keep balance and body alignment. I prefer 2nd position plie,(feet wide with toes turned out). Go down 4 counts and up 4 counts (no locking out the knees)
  • Rear lunges-hold bar the same as above. Either on the floor or with front foot up on bench with double or more risers (knee not beyond 90 degrees). In place or lunge back and together. 4 counts down or back and 4 counts up or together.
  • ****Could someone please explain to me the actual benefit of pulsing during a weight lifting or strength exercise so I may understand the purpose? I am a professional fitness trainer and have been for 20+ years. I have seen all the changes. I studied Exercise Physiology and Athletic Training in College. From training as a Bodybuilder working as a technician in a Physical Therapy Center, I have learned the benefits of proper exercise and the dangers of improper exercise. Does anyone know what a stretch reflex is? The bouncing streches we use to think did some good improving flexibility in the 70's and 80's are now contra-indicated. The muscles get confused if you bounce and stretch at the same time and instead of elongating they flex (contract) during the bounce as a reflex, thus an injury may occur. I put Pulsing in the same category. Just go back through the basic muscle anatomy and kinisiology we all had to study for an aerobic certification and you will realize that the muscles need to be worked full or half range to improve strength. Concentric holds, where the muscle is held in a flexed position works great and doesn't put the muscle fibers at risk. "Slow with control", I always tell my class and my clients. Since most aerobic rooms have fairly light weights this strict movement is especially effective. Besides unless you pitch down your music or use funk or body sculpting music most BPMs are too fast do repetitions to the beat. Even at 110 BPM I never execute a strengthening exercise faster than 2 count concentric (positive) and 2 count eccentric (negative). Please feel free in writing to agree, disagree, criticize or enlighten me. We are forever learning.


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