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Boxercise is the workout with an attitude! And the best frame of mind to get into before a hard workout is the attitude of a real fighter. A boxer must summon up the courage to to enter the ring against a real opponent - boxercisers must simulate this pre-fight mental preparation. You aren't just jumping up on a treadmill or on the seat of a spinner. You are about to assume the classic fighting stance of a boxer.

The pyramid on guard stance; How your instructor taught you. With your guard up and feet in position - you are ready to start throwing your favorite pattern for the preliminary warmup.

Basically you want to imagine that a Butterbean type fighter or brute of your choice is coming at you. You begin moving left to right slipping wide roundhouse punches, bobbing and weaving as you hold the on guard stance. You begin by jabbing and moving right, then jabbing and moving left. Continue this until your joints are good and warm and lubed up. Remember to pull back your punches to the pyramid position - (when you bring your hands back to the on guard stance, if you extended your fingers your arms and fingers would form a pyramid.) Lead foot forward. Your lead leg is used like a jab as well. Bring it back as well. Now the fight is on. What keeps you going for at least 20 minutes as if you were in a real fight; you can't fake it. You are pysically - but you can't mentally. This is the most serious workout there is - because you are imagining that you are in a real threat situation your mind must be near as possible to state it would be in if you were really avoiding punches. To move to the right, first imagine that a big meathook righthand was about to crash against your head - MOVE OUT OF THE WAY - now imagine that after your opponent misses you throw a fast 1-2 punch at the off balance opponent. Now you are gaining confidence as you are getting a workout. Keep the routine going until you are soundly trashing who ever is coming at you. You find that the more you get your adrendline going with this real fight going on in your imagination your workout will become more spontaneous and less monotonous. Now when a real fight or threat comes and there is no other choice but to protect yourself - you have already prepared your mind to use your boxercise training to protect yourself. Don't anyone tell me that they aren't interested in self defense and that they are doing these warrior workouts just for the fun of it. It can be fun too! So instead of just doing a pattern - you are creating strategy.

Once when I was confronted by a ROAD RAGE BULLY who cornered me on a parking lot to give me a thrashing for driving too slow I protected myself without ever throwing a punch. I just danced, ducked and and moved out of the way of his wild off balance rushes until he was so exhausted (aprox 2 minutes) that he left breathless and convinced that he better leave before I started swinging back. Willie Pep once won a round against Sandy Sadller without ever throwing a punch. He so dominated the round with his dazzling footwork that the judges gave him the round even though he never actually threw a punch. The footwork is the most neglected aspect in most boxercise workouts - most just go back and forth with very little if any circling and side to side movement. One more thing, the idea is to never allow an opponent, imaginary or otherwise, to get squared up with you - that is directly in front of you - always be working for the angle - so that their counter punches are off balance where you want them - you set up your punches with your kicks and your kicks with your punches - as your instructor taught you. It's nearly impossible to describe in writing for someone to understand all the little dynamics of a correct punch. Everyone knows how to swing a punch - but few do it correctly. You must practice slow and in front of a mirror to get each punch down correctly - combinations after that - footwork with combinations after that. Go to the video store and get every video you can on Ali's career and fights - study the footwork of the great ones, Sugar Ray Robinson, Willey Pep, watch the fights on ESPN notice the good boxers see how they hold there feet - their movements will become yours after you burn them in your mind. On more thing - if you ever lose a fight to your imaginary opponent -Hang up your boxercise glove you absolutely have NO HOPE!

The Boxercise Pit Workout is for instructors and students who want to make their workouts more personal - no set pattern is involved. Once you know the footwork and all the punches it is just a matter of practicing slowly until you can go 10 or 15 rounds and throwing aprox 1000 to 1200 punches and kicks - 2 to 3 minute rounds with 1 minute slow downs or breaks in between - just like a real boxing match. By the end of it your teeth should be sweating. Then cool down by going in reverse - the neat thing about this workout is that it builds your confidence more than just doing a set pattern.

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