Circuit Filler Moves

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 6172)

These can be used for Boot Camp and I even use this type of cardio as an interval to a sculpting class or even to break up a step class!

1) Squat thrusts

Remember these? From standing position start with narrow (feet together) squats, then have class touch the floor on the down (in boxing the gloves work great)

After several have them stay down (in narrow squat with palms-or gloved fist-on the floor)

Now for the thrust...
Low impact: Walk the feet out and back one at a time "out, out, in, in"

Put it together nice and slow (for now)

Now, for the advanced BOTH feet move out together then in together. Down, out, in, up. Squat, thrust your feet out behind you (like you are getting ready to do a push up) hop feet back to start position, stand back up. Should be a nice slow (sculpting speed) 4 count.

Creative mix: add two jacks after for an 8 count.

2) Power hops

I like them with one foot on bench and one on floor (you would be next to long side of bench)

Squat down for the windup and JUMP! up high and hard
Should be a nice slow 4 count
16 of these will make for beautifull quads :)

3) Skater jumps

This is how skaters work out (skiiers too)
Start with nice wide step touches, then take to 1/2 time
Add swingy arms (like you are cross country skiing)
Jump from side to side - Going for distance not height.
You should be able to jump the full length of your bench (good ruler) It will look like you are on a slide (remember those?)

4) Double-time basics

Basic step twice regular, twice at double time
Then once at regular to finish it off:
Sounds like: 2 basics (8) up up down down up up down down (4) 1 basic
Total is (16) counts. Don't forget to change leads!


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From: Boca Raton, Florida (USA)
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