Leslie #6

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6189)

Since this past Saturday was my last class for a while, (hopefully only two months, as I am going on maternity leave. Could be in the next two weeks) I thought I would put it on the website. Some of the stuff may be familiar because I frequent this website a lot. I hope everyone enjoys it. If there are any questions, please feel free to email me. Step is horizontal.

Combo #1

L-step tic toc: start out with a regular L-step: step right (1), left knee (2), left toe taps the floor (3), as the left foot comes to the step the leg swings out to the right side (4), right foot swings back to the left end of the step and the left leg swings out to the side (5), left knee comes up (6), step back left-right of the step (7,8)

Combo #2

Test the water: Start out with a repeater: left knee up and pivot around the end of the step (1,2), three little bounces moving back (3,4,5), left knee up again (6) and step down left-right (7,8)

Catch the ball: Some people call this stomp the bug too. It's a quick little tap off the end of the step. You could start out just alternating taps corner to corner. Then tap the floor of the end of the step. The taps are quick.

Combo #3

Combo #4

Left repeat 2 hop around: step right foot on the step and repeat your left knee 2, step down left and hop around in a circle for the remaining 4 counts. In total 8 counts.

L-step cha cha: start out with a normal L-step, then when you step off the step for counts 3-4 add a little pony or cha cha thing there so the counts change to 3 & 4.

Combo #5

I think this combo was in either Leslie 4 or Leslie 5. Check those to for any additional explanations.

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