Cardio Classic

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After a good warm up and stretch:

Cardio Classic Introduction:

NOTE: Make sure class is using proper posture and heels are touching bottom of pool each time the foot strikes down.
NOTE: Tell class members to keep arms in water if they have any shoulder discomfort or trouble.

Cardio Classic Leap Set:

Repeat 2-3x for 2 minutes total time
NOTE:Make sure class is using arms when leaping, and
NOTE: Teach class that they should do the jack/tuck combo if their classical bodies reject leaps & jumps.

Cardio Recovery:

3-5 minutes of moderate work
16 to 32 counts each: Various kicks, pendulums and pendulum variations, rocking horse, hamstring curl jogs (knees together!), twists, whatever!
Cross Country (8 to 16) to transition class back into the Hi Knee Jogs and then Leap Set.

*Repeat the sequence two more times for 15-20 minutes of cardio classic work! Increase the number of arm punches and change movements, but I do not exceed 20 counts on punches! Change the number of leaps depending upon what your class can handle that day.

End with movement and stretching:

Have class "march it out" with large, deliberate leg and arm movements, stretching as they 'march' forward, backwards and sideways through the water.

Most participants in my classes are older-- Palm Beach 'Classics'. Most have trouble with some set of joints in their bodies. These moves are safe for my 'Classics' to perform, and they love the workout! Be aware that in this type of class, I am not having them make any side to side movements in the cardio sequence, since most of the pools I teach in have slippery lane lines that can lead to torn knee ligaments. These classical creatures have enough to think about, just doing the exercises! HINT: The more they talk, the faster you change the exercises and the softer you talk! They will quiet down to keep up!

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