Karn's Tapless Vertical

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Vertical bench
Assuming a right leg lead (left side of step)

I believe for any class to be a success, we, as instructors, need to take the time to TEACH the choreography in a progressive manner so members feel success WHILE they are learning the combination. I start simple, and give OPTIONS...so all members can make a choice for some movements.

I teach everything facing the front first, so everyone can see, the flip kick, then the knee straddle...we then practice the reverse turn. Still facing the front, we practice the lift knee walk back and kick. Now that all are familiar with these movements, We start to put them together....remember, with tapless step, sometimes it's hard to have a "hold" step, because the "counts" may be in the middle somewhere, and you may end up going up on the down beat...that's why you need to learn the parts before you put it together.

Start by teaching a knee lift front and back, then demonstrate a flip kick front and knee lift to the back. A "flip" kick is done by stepping up right (1), kicking the left leg out while starting a turn away from your step (over your left shoulder) (2), then walk walk left,right to the back corner of the step on the floor (3,4). You will now be ready to step up with your left foot as you face the back of the room.

Knee straddle facing the rear...step up left (5), lift right knee (6), straddle down right/left (7,8). You are ready to begin your reverse turn from the straddle position stepping up with the right foot.

I teach this by holding the class facing the rear, step touch up and down. (Yes, I know we are tapping now, but only to teach the choreography, so I don't lose half the class...) We then do a 4 count reverse turn...up with the right foot (1), rotate your body so your back is toward the step and bring your left foot up (2) then step down, facing the front of the room right/left (3,4). Hold them there. Then teach the lift the knee walk back and kick.

Step up left, (1) lift right knee (2) down down right/left (3,4) letting your left foot step behind as you move away from the step...like a grapevine. Continue away from the step right (5) and lift your left knee (6) (or kick) then walk walk left/right (7,8) back to the step. You are now ready to place your left foot up on the step for the next movement.

After teaching each part, the end result is: From facing the back of the room in straddle position, step up right (1) step up left (2) rotating body so back is to the step...exit right/left (3,4)with left foot stepping behind as in a grapevine as you move away from the step, continue away from step, right (5) lift left knee (6), walk back to step left/right (7,8).

Start with a regular "chug" (or "gutter step" or "peg leg"...whatever) one leg up, one leg down alternating for 8 counts, then demonstrate the "fancy" as they do the regular chug. Left foot up (1), right foot down on right side of step (2), left leg down on other side of step on the floor (3) right leg down on right side of step (4), left leg on top of step (5), right leg stays on right side of step (6), left leg on floor behind right leg (7) weight finishes on right leg on right side of step. (up & over & up & back...)

Mambo cha cha cha to each corner of the step, front and back. Have the members hold the chug step, and demonstrate this next move...left foot on front corner of step (1), weight shifts to right foot on floor (2) cha cha cha left/right/left (3&4) turning your body to the back of the room. Repeat on the back corner of step, right foot up (5) left foot on floor (6) cha cha cha (7&8) right/left/right, rotating body to front of the room.

You are now ready to repeat on the opposite lead.

Depending on the choreography level of your members, take the needed time to teach ON BOTH SIDES. Don't assume that the left side will automatically learn a pattern, even if the right side has it down. If you spend 5 minutes on a right lead, spend 5 minutes on the left lead. After I complete a combo that has a bit more challenging movement, I start teaching the first 16 counts again with the opposite lead, then add the second 16...then we start to put it all together.

For you advanced instructors, sorry for the wordyness, I love this site, but get frustrated when someone assumes I know what their terminology means...and when the beats arn't matched with the movements. So, I'm taking the viewpoint that no-one knows what I'm talking about, and hopefully, all who are interested will understand when it's done.

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