Feet of Flames!

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6225)

As usual, questions, comments, all welcome! :)

Section One

Repeat this, marching BACK on the left leg, mambos and squat will be on the right side this time.

Section Two

Section Three

Section Four

Section Five

Repeat, marching or jogging to the back, the easy walks will turn you back to the front


Step knees to turn...step the right foot to the side, lift left knee, step on left foot, lift the right and repeat, so you do four step knees in total. As you do them, turn them a full turn to the right. Don't forget to turn the opposite way for the step knees on the left!

Shimmy forward...1&2, jump slightly forward (watch the landing technique!) shaking the shoulders as you do. Repeat that, then march or jump back for four to make it an eight count move.

Tap and turn...Tap the right foot slightly to the side of the body four times (don't bring the foot in inbetween, leave it out there) turning to the left a full turn. You can offer a heel toe x2 as an option.

Spotty Dog...1 - jump the right foot forward and the left foot back (keeping that heel RAISED!) 2 - jump the left foot forward and the right foot back...just keep doing that for however many counts you want and cut the reps down to four spotty dogs, two jacks. As an alternative you could offer two heel digs, two taps to the side.

Hope that's everything, I love getting comments, so feel free to write, also feel free to write with any questions if anything's not clear! :)

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