**Fun & Challenging**

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6226)

I "borrowed" these two combos at last year's Fitness Conference... Definitely tons of fun (if you like mambos)

Step is horizontal

This is what the two combos sound like when I'm teaching (with right lead): 1st combo: "basic right, grapevine left, 2 curls around end, revolve over & around, up up straddle, syncopate, repeater"
2nd combo: "mambo, cha cha, walk walk, up jack, step touch, l step across, swivel 2x"

Combo #1 (right lead)

Combo #2

(I call this the mambo cha cha mambo combo -- hold the fries .. haha)..
(right lead again) REMEMBER, the first half hop is with a tap down, the 2ND HALF HOP DO NOT TAP DOWN...

Then you begin COMBO's #1 & #2 with left lead...
**Syncopate: this is a VERY QUICK 2 repeater..
"Stomp" up with your right foot on top of step toward the left end of the step
Then "stomp" with left foot on floor
Then "stomp" up once more with right foot while it is on top of the step (2 counts), then down down toward the other end of step.. (2 counts)

Hope this is clear as mud.. please email me with any questions.

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