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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 6233)

So much of this class has come from various combinations I've stolen from turnstep that it's really hard to claim this as mine and still hold my head up proudly. I hope that someone, somewhere can use this class as I've taught and assembled it...otherwise I fear that you've seen these combos and moves before in bits and pieces.

Thank you to the many instructors who wrote last time I submitted. I will try to be more specific this time so you won't have so many questions!

Step is horizontal. All combos are 32 count and self-reversing. Most are tapless.

Combo #1

Combo #2

Combo #3

Combo #4

Combo #5

Combo #6

Combo #7


* 3 Count basic: This is exactly what it sounds. Perform just the first three moves of a basic step on each lead leg. (Sounds like a waltz?!) The counts become evened to the 8 count because you end this move ON TOP OF THE STEP!!! So, it's right lead...3 count basic, left lead...3 count basic, up up (8 counts. From there, the right toe will touch the floor and you will begin your 3 repeater hamstring.

**Skate step: A skate step is 3 alternating hamstring curls ON TOP on the step, followed by a down down on the floor. Easiest to teach from a V-step, since they are moving wide.

***Knee lifts around the world: Single knee straddle, single knee travel (back wall), single knee straddle, travel

****V-step squat/jump: Begin your V-step the traditional way. Up wide on counts 1 and 2, squat down and up quickly two times (counts 3 4 and 5), jump legs together (count 6), exit down, down to floor. (I must thank David Mesirow for this one...way back)

*****Rocking horse with ball change: Change a traditional 16 count rocking horse by replacing the 2nd knee lift on each move with a ball change. Single knee moving off of the side begins this move, you perform a ball change on the floor, lift another single knee and travel back behind the step to do it again on the other side

+Turn with style: Definitely got this off of Begin a traditional turn and end with a down, down, walk back 2 steps and perform a backwards mambo. Move back toward the bench with a triplet step ("turn, walk back, mambo back, 1-2-3)

++Kick over the top: With the right leg leading, step up right, kick left leg, place left lead on top of the step and kick the right leg, step off of the bench and jack 1 time

+++2 knee repeat with cross back over: 2 Repeat a knee, unload the weight bearing leg and cross the leg that was performing the repeat back behind you (with a lift!) and exit off the opposite side. Modification for those who choose not to lift would be a 3 repeat knee straddle.

++++Pendulum swing over the top: Teach this with a straddle ove the top. Ultimately replace the straddle with 2 alternating lunges as you go over. The pendulum move changes the traditional lunge over the top by adding a quick weight shifting pendulum or tick tock rhythm as you go over. Count this for your members and they will understand when to exit.

These explanations are clear to me, but it is late. Please continue to email me, if you like, and this time include any confusing moves or terminology and I will write back to try to explain what I mean. This website is the best. I'm not sure what I do without it.

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