6 Count Turn

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Repeat #1 left lead

*I teach this 6 count turn begining with a regular turnstep only. I then add 6 count turn "step,step" ending facing the left side wall. If you want, you can then teach the "step,step" or "march,march" as a full turn on floor on counts 7,8. (always turning towards the back wall, all the way around and back to face front)

The turnstep actually "turns" out to be more of a march step right/left/right/left. You do not TAP. So, when you begin the turnstep, it starts out the traditional way, but you keep changing feet right/left/right/left for all 8 counts. Right on bench 1), left on bench 2), right on floor 3), left on bench 4), right on bench 5), left on floor 6) 7,8 on floor (march, march) Count 7,8 can be developed into a full turn around on floor always beginning turn toward the back wall and finishing back to front wall.

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