Peg G's Dynamic Double

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 6264)

Finally! It is Payback Time! Some of you out there will recognize a few of my moves---as they are yours---or at least mutations of yours! You have all contributed to one of the hottest classes on the schedule. THANKS! I used 'Latin' step music for this routine. Music, combos and participants were HOT HOT HOT!

Steps are vertical---Our class gets so full that we share and the people love that even more! Both combos are (64) self-reversing. Have fun! Love to hear from you!

Combo #1 -- start between both steps

Combo#2 -- start on 'outside' of steps

*** Cha-cha repeater - step right foot on step (1), lift left knee (2) 3 quick steps straddling step left/right/left (3&4), step on step with right foot (5), left knee lift (6), step down exit left (7 8).

*** Double over - over top of both steps (8)

*** Double knee-step back kick -- right foot steps up and does a 2-knee repeater (4), left foot steps down (5), right foot steps down (6) left foot kicks (7 8)

*** Take a hike - 4 BIG Steps from outside 1 step to other--intense!

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From: Finleyville, Pennsylvania (USA)
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