Deep Water time trials

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After a 10 minute shallow or deep water warm-up, have participants begin at one end of pool. Everyone starts together providing enough space, and each person keeps track of their own time. Encourage them to go as quickly as they can to the opposite end doing whatever movement they prefer.(I explain it is faster to go horizontally with a crawl, or sidestroke, or flutter kick, breaststroke, etc., but any movement is fine. They can jog, crabwalk, kick, cross-country, or whatever they choose.)They each get 15 second recovery and repeat 2 more times. Each time they try to get the same time or better.

When they finish all three times, they should be breathing hard. Have them do some jumping jacks in place until everyone is finished. Then all participants travel a few lengths with circles(arms & legs) forward and backwards, or right leg leading scissor pulls, then left. These movements should be done at a regular pace.

The time trials may be repeated again at this point, depending on your class, or you can move on to strength work.

My class has some "competitors" in it, but with everyone keeping their own time and doing different movements, they tend to challenge themselves rather than compete with each other. They all seemed to enjoy the challenge. This can be appropriate for all levels, and even non-swimmers if you have flotation belts, boards or noodles available.

I have been teaching aqua for 10 years and all ages seem to prefer a workout where they feel challenged. I have gotten lots of great ideas from this site and thank everyone who has submitted their workouts! If you have any questions about this "Time Trial" workout, email.

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