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Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

*Double repeater step touch and turn- right lead double repeater (counts 1-4), step down left right (5&6), then right left (7&8), and as you do this turn over your left shoulder. It is a very quick 360 turn on the floor. When you begin the side lifts, it should be count 1.

**Repeater hitchkick- begin with doing a regular repeater around the corner only on count 5 & 6 kick out and switch leads. This should be done on the same end on the step for both leads for this combination.

***Reverse indecison lunge- to teach this, begin with the hamstring straddles and then after the 2nd. hamstring, exit and take it to traveling hamstrings (front approach, on the back of the step). Use this as a holding pattern while you teach the reverse indecision lunge. On the second hamstring, step up and turn facing the opposite wall and lunge 2x and exit. When you exit you should meet up with where your class is and then they can try it with you. When you do this combo, you will actually do the indecision from the front of the step. But it helps to teach the move first. The counts go as follows: (left lead) up-turn (1 & 2) -lunge left and right (3-6) and exit (7 & 8). You should be on your left lead when you do the kick mambo which then puts you on your left lead to begin the combo on your left.

These are all advanced combinations. They can be tricky to teach but........they are lots of fun once everyone gets it! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I am not sure if I explained them well so any feedback will help!! Have fun!!

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From: California (USA)
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