Fun Funky Step

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 6294)

This is an advanced pattern that is tapless. Your bench is horizontal.

Block one

Block two

* Turn mambo cha cha: starting right lead- It starts out just like a turnstep (1,2) Step down right, turning slightly to the southwest corner (3) step left slightly lifting right, like a mambo (4) step right facing east (5) step left (6) cha cha right(7,8) You will end up facing the north east corner of the room, ready to hustle to the northeast corner on the left lead.

** Hoe down: Just like a two knee repeater, walk backwards around the bench, but instead of two knees, it is an inner thigh then hamstring repeater, then march around

*** Funk repeater: From right lead, step up right, kick left leg front (1,2) Don't touch the left toe down after the kick, the kick is like a low front kick in kickboxing, now knee in kick side (like a low side kick) (3,4) Kick front again (5,6) step down left right (7,8) This will test your balance, as the left toe never touches down to the floor. This was harder to explain than I thought it would be, so if you have questions, please email me. You can also substitue any repeater of your choice!

**** Funky basic: You will be coming from the left lead, step up left, right, just like a basic (1,2) From here, you will tap the edge of your bench left, right left (3 and 4) lift left knee (5,6) step down left right (7,8)

***** Twisting knee straddle and knee exit: This is basically just a knee straddle and a knee exit with no tap down on the end, but there is a slight directional variation. You will be starting left lead facing north. Step up left, lift right knee (1,2) straddle down right left, with a quarter turn so you are facing east (3,4) step on top right, left knee exit with a quarter turn so you end up facing due south (5,6,7,8) You will be ready to repeat the pattern left lead.

I'm sure that this sounds confusing- I wish that I could show it to everyone so you could understand what I'm talking about! Please e mail me with questions.

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From: Frederick, Maryland (USA)
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