Kick Boxing for step lovers

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This is my second session teaching STEP CARDIO KICKBOX and I must say that at the beginning people in my class were not too thrilled about it. They are those "STEP ADDICTED PARTICIPANTS" in my club. But now they love it!!

Round #1

Repeat on left side

Round #2

Repeat on left side

Round #3

Repeat on left side

Round #4

Repeat on left side

3 step mambo***: starting with both feet onto the step, right foot step down in front of the step left corner direction (1). Left foot tap onto the step (2). Right foot comes back onto the step (3). Repeat with left foot on right side (3) and back down (2)

Breaking blocks***: this could be cement blocks or wooden blocks. They are placed right onto the step (in your imagination, of course !!) On right side, you go like this. Do a 4 counts right lunge (down 2, up 2). As you go down far behind, bring your right fist down breaking the blocks and bring your left fist right to your waist, palm up.

Repeater knee-side kick over the step-knee***: On right side, you go like this: step up left (1), right knee (2), step down right (3), left side kick over the step (4), left foot onto the step (5), right knee (6), down, down (7-8)

Usually, I do each round 4 times, alternating right and left. I also do some punches and kick combos between the rounds. I hope this is not too confusing. If you have any questions, I will be pleased to help you. Hope you enjoy this !!

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From: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
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