Birthday - Double Step

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 6330)

X          X
X          X
X    O     X

Steps are vertical, one to your right and one to your left, you are between the benches. (the O)

I always use transfer when I'm moving from one bench to the other. Transfer usually means take two steps and move.

I called this birthday double step because I taught this class on my birthday.

Combo 1


Combo 2


Combo 3


Combo 4


Combo 5


**Over grapevine:
Start to go over the top (1,2), as you come down with the right foot do a grapevine (counts 3-6) take 2 steps back to the bench (7,8)

***2 Knees on the bench:
Step up on bench right, lift the left knee (1,2) stay on bench - step on left foot, lift the right knee (3,4) exit onto the floor right, left (5,6) jumping jack (7,8)

****1 on, 1 over, 1 on, 1 exit:
Each move is one count. Step left foot on bench (1), right foot on floor (2), left foot over bench (3), right foot on floor (4), left foot on bench (5), right foot on floor (6), left foot on floor behind right (7), right foot on floor (8).

When you finish all 5 combos try doing 1 of each from the top; do combo 1- right lead, combo 2 - left lead, combo 3 - right lead, combo 4 - left lead, combo 5 - right lead, and back to combo 1 - left lead, combo 2 - right lead and so on...

Please email me if you have any questions

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From: Round Lake, Illinois (USA)
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