Choreography Jam #3

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 7400)

Hope you will enjoy theses combos!


(32 count total) Repeat opposite


(32 count total) Repeat opposite


(32 count total) Repeat opposite


(32 count total) Repeat opposite facing back ending to face front


(32 count total) Repeat opposite


(32 count total)

*Cha cha L-step: left step with 2 count rhythm change on the 3-4 count

*Jump repeater: jump over step, jump back over, step knee right

*March on and off: march up - up right/left (1-2), march off right, on left (3-4-5-6), march off right, knee lift left

*Turning knees: step knee on left turning to face back of room, step knee right facing back, hop knee turn left lead from the top of step, exit to face front

*Knee rock: step knee left lead,face front and rock on top of step 2 count, step knee right lead from the top exit off west end.

My class had fun with these combos this week, it seemed to flow well!

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From: Illinois (USA)
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