Upper Body Suprise

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7410)

Is cycling just for legs...not on your life! Mountain biking requires upper body strength to lift you over logs, rocks etc. Here's some great upper body for your spin class.

There should be at least 3 sets for a 1 hour class, with other things thrown in between set

Everyone in the room has a turn calling out 20 jumps. (I call jumps, jumping forward over the handlebar with elbows tucked into your sides your upper body is held there by your arms) basically you just go forward over the handle bar and back just over the saddle. While they call out the jumps everybody in the class does them, as well as the person calling them out. Everyone gets a turn calling out. example: If you have 10 people in your class by the end of one set everyone in the class will have done 200. By the time the last person has run off the last 20 jumps everyone should have sore arms...now it's time to hop off the bike and do 20 push ups on the floor...everyone must count...or be penalized by doing 10 more push ups (believe me it only takes once for them not to call out the pushups before they are yelling them out as to not be penalized) Hop back on the bike stretch the arms and do something different, unrelated to upper body. The three sets should be evenly spaced throughout your class. Obviously this is for a intermediate or advance group...although I have done pushups only on the floor for my beginner class and it went over just fine. We only do 10 at a time but we did 5 sets throughout the class.

Hope you have fun!

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