64 counts in the Water

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7414)

Repeat the combination going to the left

I give the students the option of doing the entire combination with arm movements in the water or out of the water as long as they don't switch between water and air during the combination.

I teach with music 135-155 bpm at half tempo. That way each knee lift , kick, etc is 2 counts.

I got a lot of responses on my previous submission regarding bpm in the water. The chapter on aquatic class choreography in the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual addresses this. It defines water tempo as- "An appropriate rate of speed used in the aquatic environment to allow for slower reaction time and full range of motion in water choreography. Recommended water tempo is between 130 and 155 bpm, utilized half time for a typical shallow water aerobic class. Slower and/or slightly faster tempos may be utilized depending upon type of movements, program format, level of participants, and resistance equipment usage."

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