Over and Under Firepower!

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OK you are warmed up and ready to throw down!

Get in the proper onguard stance as you have been taught! This is a combination that has KOed many opponents in the ring. Makes for one heck of a boxercise workout too!

So simple it hurts, so effective, they won't feel a thing!

Then switch to southpaw stance and repeat

Start slowly until you get the rythym down smooth, it should look and feel almost like one motion, not a herky jerky 1 2 3 4, bend your knees on the uppercuts practice throwing them tight - close to the body - then further out. Put your hips in to the punch, you should be rocking from left to right getting your balance with each punch - as one punch is going out the other should be almost immediately behind it, you actually are starting the next punch before the one preceding it lands - or perceived to be landing. Remember, as in all boxercise workouts, don't fully extend your punches - pull back to on guard as fast as it goes out always protecting the face and ready to punch again. After you have mastered this combination practicing in front of mirror, start adding you favorite kicks, practice setting up the kicks with the punches and setting up the punches with kicks. Then the footwork. This is what you do when you really want to push it. Be very warmed up or close to the end of your workout before doing this pattern.

This over and under movements works more of your body than just staying on the top and pushing out all punches. Because you are using your legs more in the uppercuts and your abs get more of a workout going over and under. It's the changing of direction that puts more isometric type workout on your whole upper and lower body. And if you add your kicks to this combo, you truly will have a KO combo in you workout warrior arsenal. It's simple

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