Kickboxing Perfection Drills

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A kickboxing perfection drill is not a set pattern. It's about doing what you do better and better.

Put on some rock and roll, get in the proper stance. It time to drill. Drill is something you do when you don't feel like working out. It's a mind game, the workout starts anyway, but don't tell yourself that.

Now how many different combinations and different sequences can you do these kicks? The answer is almost endless. But just practicing these basic kicks gives you a heck of a workout - and if you don't perfect each kick - what's the point of doing a real workout anyway?

Real kickboxers practice for hours in front of a mirror. They may work on one or two kicks just to perfect it. They work til it snaps out there and snaps back. They practice balancing on one leg. You just stand there holding one leg almost straight out, without wobbling. Lefting the knee and then straightening out the leg in front of you then holding it there without wobbling. The worse thing you can do for your back is to kick off balance.

Now go to my Show Five and Over And Under FirePower combinations and practice these punches and kicks slowly and deliberatly. Don't really push it. Because if you can't do it right slow, you can't expect it to be right going full blast. And you can hurt yourself if you don't execute properly. Beginners in particular should do just drill exercise not going all out until they get their body parts acustom to the motion and rythem of boxing and kicking moves. Remember to bob and weave, a real sixpack ab builder. Watch fighters.

Then add the four basic punches - jab, right, hook, uppercut. Again, you do them one at a time, even for a whole drill. You might spend a week just perfecting your jab. Then another week perfecting your right. Then another week perfecting the 1-2 punch. You didn't jump on a bike the first time and ride it perfectly. Boxing moves are simple but hard to perfect. And perfection is what keeps this workout interesting. You're not just sitting on your tush spinning on a spinner. You are the machine in boxing for fitness. And it only gets better with practice and drills; one kick and one punch at a time.

Most people stop exercising out of boredom. If all you do is just jump in and start throwing and kicking half-heartily, and don't get any better by drilling and practicing, you soon lose interest. Video tape your workouts watch your improvement on video. It really keeps your interest up watching your self-improve little by little. You'll never get bored when you strive to do your best. And you can always do better. And you know what? You will. Watch others who do it right. And practice until you are doing it better then them. You can do it!

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