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The first time I used this in my class, I was getting the evil eye. I started joking with my participants telling them this was the best way to get great buns. Through clenched teeth they smiled. Now they ask for it.

Have all participants start on one side of the room. For beginners I suggest starting with three pound weights. (This exercise works great even without weights!) Intermediates can use fives or eights, depending on their level of comfortability. We do walking lunges all the way across the room. Before we start walking lunges across the room, I ask everyone to do a practice lunge and I check their form. I cue, "When knee comes down it should be right in line with that ankle. You should still be able to see your toes. Come down softly on that foot. Abs tight, standing up tall. You should be feeling that in your glutes on the way up and down." We then lunge across the room with bicep curls. I usually try to stay about three lunges ahead so they can see my form and so I can continue to monitor theirs.

When we get to the other side of the room, I have everyone march it out so we're all together. Then facing the open space that we just covered we squat for sixteen singles, sixteen pulses, the hold for sixteen counts.

Again facing the the front of the room, I stand in front, we go over form for squats. We then squat across the room with lateral lifts for arms. I am on the left leg so we squat left lead leg across the room.

We take a little break when we get to the other side and then squat back across the room with right leg leading. For arms we do upright rows.

For our final set, we do one more set of walking lunges. We do four slow (down, down, up, together), four (down for three and together on four), and four (down for seven and together on eight). We finish with four more single lunges with the entire class counting off. If you have a class that's quiet, just tell them they can't stop until you hear everyone counting. It works like a charm!

It feels great when we are done and your glutes definately feel it the next day! Best of luck! Thanks for all of the great ideas.

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From: Livermore, California (USA)
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