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The highlight of the August long weekend in Victoria, BC is the Symphony Splash. The Victoria Symphony Orchestra and guest performers are set up on a barge in Victoria's Inner Harbour. The event attracts thousands of people and ends with the 1812 Overture, complete with guns and the carillon. And it's FREE!!!

So, I dug out my Power Music Classical Step and here is the pattern to go with it. The tape is only 124-126 bpm ... I don't mind that speed, however you can pitch it up if you have pitch control. Or, you can eliminate the first two songs and start at song three which is 126 bpm.

Step in vertical position
Start on left side, right lead
Facing front

A. The Overture

B. First Movement

(You should end up where you started!! Now face the step)

C. Second Movement

(Right lead)

(You should still be on the right side of the step)

D. The Finale

(Start with a left lead)

(You should end up where you started!! Right side, facing front)

E. The Encore

(Still with a left lead)

Now start from A with a left lead

Okay ... this doesn't look terribly exciting so try this. When you start from A with a left lead, change all the knees ... singles and repeaters ... to leg extensions. This includes the trip around the world. The next time you start from A, change the leg extensions to ham curls. The fourth time, change the leg extensions to 3-part combos (1 knee, 1 leg extension, 1 ham curl) ... this will work with the repeaters as well. The "Encore" always stays the same ... just to give you a few seconds to gather your thoughts!

Feedback is always welcome ... can't wait for yours Lauri! Also, a huge big thank you to Nicole DeBaun for combos C (slightly modified) and D. They were just what I needed to put the final touches on my Symphony.

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(Email: ann.barry@ag.gov.bc.ca)
From: Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)
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