Victoria Vertical Step Warmup

This is a Warmup pattern from (pattern 7458)

Step is vertical
Start at the top end of step
I use my step music for step warm-ups, usually between 125-128 bpm. I find this especially useful when doing the straddle moves in C.

    x  x
    x  x
    x  x
    x  x

     XX <---start here

A. On the spot

B. On the spot

C. Moving forward and straddling the step

D. Moving around the step

*Toe taps are step onto right foot, point left toe on floor at the side then reverse.

I usually do 'A' a couple of times before moving to B. Then I do B a couple of times before moving to C. Or you can combine C + D and do them a couple of times as one big pattern.

I always follow these patterns with about 5 minutes of dynamic stretching. The stretching is very basic and done facing one side of the step, one foot on step, one on floor (heel/toe with reach and pull arms; roll up and down on back foot with bicep curl arms, roll up and down to hip flexor stretch with rotator cuff arms, dorsi flex foot on step and hold with lateral arm raises), then march with one foot on step one on the floor to face the front before crossing over to other side of step and repeat dynamic stretches.

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From: Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)
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