Not for beginners!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 7472)

Part I -- 64 counts

Part II -- 64 counts

Part III -- 64 counts

You should be on the opposite leg now, ready to start at the beginning of Part I.

** Side skate straddle -- from a side approach, do a ham curl on the step but don't exit. Right away, pivot on top of the step to face front and do another ham curl, but still don't exit. Face to the side again and do a third ham curl. After that third curl, straddle down. It's 8 counts total.

*** Stutter turn -- I stole this from someone on this site. It's an 8-count turnstep. First two counts are a double hop on the step with the lead leg. Then bounce quickly on 2 counts to the other leg (on top) and back to the first leg. Then double hop on top on the second leg, then exit on 2 counts. So it's hop hop on one leg, switch legs and hop back to the first leg on top, hop hop on the other leg, down down.

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