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This is a 64 count combo. The first 32 counts is somewhat complex, followed by an easy 32 counts. The lead leg reverses during the last 8 counts of the first 32.

Ready to repeat leading left

Let me know if something doesn't make sense!

*Arms: punch up diagonally on counts (1,3,5,7), down & cross on counts (2,4,6,8)

** Option: mambo back, pivot over the step, mambo back. This makes you really turn big time to get into that kick straddle. I save it for my advanced steppers!

*** Jazz square home: performed on the floor starting from a straddle. Leg nearest back wall leads. Leading left it looks like this: Step forward left, cross over right, step back left, step back and open to face your platform right. Now you are ready to go right into corner - corner with a left lead leg.

**** Option: leap to top of platform with a quick ham curl on count (1), hop and pump another curl on count (2), exit down, down on (3,4).

***** Funky "L" off the front: start with an "L" & then make it funky...

Step knee (1,2), squat with one foot on & one foot off the step & pump down on (3,4,5), same knee up on (6), exit home down, down.

To add a little more variety, have them take it a little further around the corner to the front, instead of just off to the side.

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From: Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
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