All American End of July Jam/Tapless

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 7523)

All combos are 32 count and self-reversing.

Combo #1

Combo #2

Combo #3

Combo #4

Combo #5

*Whirley shuffle-this move came from this site-I just renamed it. I always teach in warm-up at 1/2 time tempo-starts like a reverse turn-then you decide to go back-then shuffle over. Right foot steps up at left corner, left foot to right corner facing back wall, right foot down facing opposite wall, left foot goes back up,right foot back up at left corner (facing back again), left foot down facing frnt, triple step over to right corner. This is a very advanced move, whenever I come back to this move in class I always say whirley shuffle-focus. This move came from one of Kathy Z's toolbox kits. Kathy, thanks so much for all of your innovative moves.

**Skip across top with outside squat--this move came from my friend Carole Paradise-thanks Carole-facing front at left narrow end-step right foot on step, left foot crosses over right on top-down down right-left-syncopated squat out in with right leg (kind of like a lunge-that quick)

***Turnstep with mambo back triple step-start like regular turnstep-no tap, right foot up, left foot up, right foot down, left foot down, back mambo with right foot, triple step back to step

****7 Knee repeater--teach as 7 knees-this one is hard to explain-email if you want to know it.

*****10 Count mambo--2 chugs right foot at left end, 2 chugs left foot at right end, 6 count mambo on floor-email for further description.

I always teach complex moves in warm-up. The warm-up I used for this was-1 basic, 1 mambo at angle, whirley shuffle, kick corner corner 4x, 10 count mambo, split basic 2x.

Greg-thanks so much for this site.

Carole-I am so glad to have you back at the club.

Have fun-any questions-email.

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From: Blue Springs, Missouri (USA)
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