Pot Hole

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7559)

This class takes a bit of planning, but if you want a great upper body workout for your class read on.

Getting started:

First you must tell your class to bring backpacks to the next class, if you have access to aerobic free weights great, if not you must tell your class to bring some weights they can use during the class.

The workout:

You must plan your workout as usual. If you know your class and you know they like a hard workout make it just as hard as they are used to, but now when you are finished your warm up instruct your class to put on their backpacks (with the weight in it). Start off your workout by telling your class that every time I (you) shout pot hole everybody does 10 pushups.

Next: shout pushup. I usualy shout pot hole every 1-2 minutes. Trust me if you want a hard work out add this in, not only will your legs feel like rubber but your triceps will too.

Things to watch for:
Make sure no elbos are locking out, fingers and thumb are wrapped around handle bars. When doing the pushup make sure people are not using their lower torso to lift themselves. Watch for individuals that can not push their weight up properly and instruct them to either take some weight out of the backpack or take it off completly. MAKE SURE YOU DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

Have a good workout,and let me know how it was.

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