Legs, Abs and Arms-Great Combo!

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7562)

I hope you enjoy this combo! My participants love it-as they really get a hard workout!

Begin by modeling the different steps of the combo:
The 4 steps include:

I use this combo in a "square" pattern-turning each 15 seconds (equally a 1 minute combo). Example: I will have the participants face me to begin with. We will jog for 15 seconds, turn and kick for 15 seconds, turn and do knee tucks for 15 seconds and turn and do kick backs for the last 15 seconds (equaling 1 minute). I will add additional movements as well. For example, as I do the knee tucks, I will add my arms overhead-upward and downward (bringing my elbows together). As I do the kick backs, I will bring my arms overhead and pull them downward to the sides (keeping my arms out of the water).

**I do the above "set" 3 times.

*To increase intensity:

Try it out...you'll love it! I feel great when I'm finished!!!

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