Tapless from the top 3

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7244)

This is, of course, a tapless routine, 32 count, self-reversing and challenging for both beginners (block 1) and/or intermediate step lovers. Bench is horizontal and right foot leads. Please let me know what you think.

Block 1

Block 2 (cross-phrasing)

Block 3 (cross-phrasing)

Repeater on top: right foot on step (1), left knee (2), left foot on step behind right (3) and scissor on top 2x (4,5) left knee (6) exit left/right (7,8)

Straddle-fly-over: start as an usual straddle over (up up, straddle down (4) leading foot up on bench (5) other foot fly over to the other side of the bench (6) down down (7,8). This one changes leading foot.

V-5: start as usual V-step (1,2), hop and close feet on top (3), exit V-step (4,5)

Shuffle alternating: could also be called cha-cha-cha with 1 foot on bench and can be used instead of an alternating tap up/down

Hope this make sense and is usefull for instructors teaching tapless routines.

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From: Gouda (The Netherlands)
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