4 Stations to Sweat

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This is a boot camp class that'll give your members some variety!

Set up room with steps, risers, cones and body bars into 4 stations.

Steps: xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx

Leave space here for body bar work

Risers:  _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

Cones:  *   *   *   *   *   *    *

Each station has around same number of people, so make sure number of steps and body bars are enough for the class divided by 4.

At step station, members each have step. Options include step runs (on & off), lunges off step, straddles, or any other step move that will get their heart rates pumping.

At body bar station, each member has body bar. Options include squats or lunges across floor, shoulder presses, or other arm work.

At risers, members line up vertically behind riser row. Options include tire runs in between the spaces of the risers, move risers apart and have them shuffle between the riser lines, make one line of risers and use them as hurdles, etc...

At cone station, members line up vertically behind cones but face side. Options include suicide runs, side shuffles to each cone and back to starting cone (make sure to touch cone), run in & out of cones then run backwards to start, etc....

There are many options to this format. Each station occurs simultaneously for about 3 minutes then switch. Run perimeter of room after each group has completed each station. Start from top or use the other options to spice it up. Have fun!

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