Good Food -- Bad Food

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Here's a great two song pattern that works great at the end of the class workout, right before the cooldown. It works really good with riders that like to participate in the class. The ride pattern is repeats of:

The name of a good (healthy) food is used for the recovery phase and the speed phase. The name of a bad food is used for the power climbing phase. The instructor start out naming the good food to start the pattern with 20 seconds jogging seated. Then go around the class for each rider to come up with the good food or bad food to start each new phase for the recovery - speed - power phases.

Here's some good ones my riders came up with. If any of your riders gets stuck and can't come up with a food help them out:
Good foods: steamed white rice, baked potatos no toppings, banannas, tree ripened peaches, broccolli, raisins, veggie burgers, tofu salad
Bad foods: Ben and Jerry's chunky monkey ice cream, toffee bar crunch pie, combo pizza with all the toppings, onion rings (Bloomin Onion from Outbacks), fried calamari

The riders really like to support the other riders food they name like: yeah...good food, good food. You can add in on the bad foods...bad bad food, you're going to suffer, you're really going to have to power climb hard to work off those calories.

The music to use is upbeat. This is the end of the ride, let them work hard. I do it with a two song sequence, here some music that works well:

Hope your class enjoys this.

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