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Repeat for 32 counts

* Hop turn 2 lunges: Start out with a step right (1), lift left knee (2), lunge left leg down on left side (3), bring left foot to bench (4) lunge right leg down on right side (5), bring right foot to bench (6), exit left/right (7,8) to starting point. Then on the step knee do a hop turn and lunge left/right exiting left. Now you are facing the other direction and can do the repeaters around the end to the opposite side.

** Squat back jumps: Squat down behind bench hands on bench (1,2) jump both feet out to extend back (3,4) Jump both feet back in to squat position (5,6) stand back up (7,8).

*** Rock over: Step up right (1), lift left leg back in a hamcurl (2), give a little hop and turn putting left leg on opposite (right side) (3), step down right leg (4). Now you are on the opposite side from starting point.

**** Hop up/hop down: Like a step tap only hop up with both feet (1,2) and come down with both feet (3,4).

Hope this all makes sense. Thanks for the feed back on the other entries. Feel free to email me with any comments or questions.

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