Aerobic Body Sculpt II

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This is another aerobic body sculpt pattern that my class loved. You need to keep the bpm at 118-120 after the warm up and initial step pattern. Be sure not to let beginners or brand new people that have never done strength training to use the weights, they should go through the motions a few times before they actually add weights.

Warm up and thoroughly stretch lower and upper body
Initial Step Routine - 126 bpm to be sure body is very warm for weight

Vertical step

Pitch tempo DOWN and have everybody raise their step heights according to fitness level and turn them horizontally. Advanced 12 inch, intermediate 10 inch, beginners 8 inch. Keep ab mat in front of step with 3 pound, 5 pound, 8 pound, 10 pounds, & 1 - 15 pound and a dynaband

3-5 pound weights:

Seated on step: 3-5 pounds

On the mat supine position: 3-5 pounds

Abdominals - planks

Stretch every single muscle and you are done.

Let me know how it goes, your people will love it, I think it's important to try to get your aerobic directors to get weights into the aerobic room, strength is an extremely important component of total fitness and many women don't like the weight room or don't know how to use free weights and resistance bands/tubes. Your whole body will change with the incorporation of weighted workouts.

Enjoy and email with any questions.

Thanks to those that responded to the first Aerobic Body Sculpt!

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