This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7339)

This was a blast to do and the class loved it :)

Block One

Repeat on the left

Block Two

Block Three

Block Four

It does sound complicated, but it's not when you've got all the moves in your head, and if they're broken down well, the class should pick them up with no problem! So here goes the explanations.

1) Grapevine, 3 hamstrings to turn. Start with a grapevine with 3 alternating hamstring curls (8). Next time, turn the hamstrings (in the direction the grapevine went) and travel laterally as you do so, you have to keep turning in the same direction.

2) Lunge grapevine - Side toe tap right, left, right, then cross that right leg behind, step left foot to the left side, cross the right foot over the left again, and you're ready to tap on the left side. So it's just three taps with a lateral travel in between.

3) Forward side back run - Like a mambo, but instead of rocking forward and back, rock forward, then to the side, then back and then run for two counts. Should be an eight count move.

4) Side and cross side and cross - This is a bit tricky. ;) It's an eight count move. Rock the right foot out to the right side, replace weight on left foot (2 counts) Cross right foot over the left, rock the left foot to the left side, replace weight on right, cross left foot over the right (should equal six counts up to now) Then just do two runs in position to make it an eight count. (Tip - say it as you do it, side and cross, side and cross, run run.)

That's it! Hope you enjoy!

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