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Hello everybody. Here are some patterns that will please both the less advanced and the more advanced participants. I am giving a basic version of a pattern and then the cross-phrased version.

I taught these patterns over several classes. In the first class I started with #1, which is somewhat challenging as people may get confused by the straddles, and then did #2 basic and #3 basic. Then in the second class I did #1 and then cross-phrased #2, and ended with basic #3. Then in the third class I did basic #2, cross-phrased #3, and basic #4, in the fourth class I did basic #3, cross-phrased #4, basic#5, etc. The idea is that I had a basic, a cross-phrased one, and another basic in the class. My class liked it because the beginners and the intermediate people could easily follow the basic patterns, and the cross-phrased ones were the candy bar for the more advanced people. The beginner and intermediate participants did not have the time to get frustrated with the cross-phrased patterns because by the time they got lost, there was a simpler pattern.


#2 basic

#2 cross-phrased

* Super T: Start up with: facing front, stomp on the right for two (5) stomp on the left for two (5), then add direction: stomp with right foot twice on the left side of bench and then stomp with left foot twice on the right side of bench.

#3 basic

#3 cross-phrased

** Funky turn: Start up with marching on the right facing West. Clap on 7 of the first 8 counts and then clap on 3 of the second three counts. Then march on the right for 6, and step on the bench right (7) left (8) hop on left (9) exit (10) and go into the mambo chacha from here. Then add the 3-point turnstep part: right up (1) left up (2) right exit (3) left up (4) right up (5) left exit (6), and (same as above after the march) step on the bench right (7) left (8) hop on left (9) exit (10) and go into the mambo chacha from here.

*** Football: This is how I cue it: kick-and-pum-pa-pum-kick. It is like two kicks, but we tap over the bench on the other side and do a chacha, and then kick again.

#4 basic

#4 cross-phrased

**** Super grapevine with knee: Grapevine (1-2-3), step up on the side of the bench (4), knee up (5), exit (6-7), hop up on bench (8). Now you are on top of the bench on the East side facing West.

***** Straddle and turnstep: Hop down into straddle (1), hop back up on top (2) left knee up and left foot exit (3-4), turnstep (5-6-7-8).

#5 basic

#5 cross-phrased

****** Super turn: It is like a turnstep-mambo-turnstep-mambo, but we take out the tap downs. So then we get: 3-point turnstep (1-2-3), mambo on the bench (4-5-6-7), 3-point turnstep (8-9-10), mambo on the bench (11-12-13-14), and then finish it off with a half pivot to the West end of the bench (15-16).

Have fun, and let me know how you like it and if you need some more explanation.


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