Lyn's Stolen Step

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 7385)

This routine is a conglomerate of stuff I've stolen from this website, from CIA videos, and other instructors at my gym! Thanks, everyone!

Each 64-count combo is self-reversing. Since some of these end on the north side of the step, I teach this routine by doing each combo on the left then right before moving on. For my other stuff, I usually string them all together first, then go from the top on the other lead leg.

Block 1

Block 2

(for explanations on this block, see end of text)

Block 3

This is a convoluted version of something I got from turnstep recently. It's not my choreography!

Block 4

Explanations for block 2:

Stomp side & travel, 2x = 8counts:
1-right foot on, 2-left foot taps side, 3-left foot taps south, 4-right foot down, 5-8 = other side same thing

Rock push over & back = 8counts:
1-right foot on, 2-left knee up, 3-left foot down on north side, 4-right knee up, 5-right foot up, 6-left knee up, 7/8-down down. You will need to unload & turn slightly when you are on the north side, to protect your knees

Walk across, pivot, step, march on top = 8counts:
I teach this move as part of my warmup, so we can start on the floor. Walk up-2-3-tap, back-2-3-tap. Change to walk up-2-3-pivot, march 4x. Do this a few times. Tell them to imagine doing the same exact thing, but walking across the bench.

Facing short end, starting on floor: Counts 1/2- walking across bench. Count 3-one foot on floor. Count 4-pivot. Count 5-step on floor. Counts 6/7/8-march on top.

If you get lost, just send me an email. I actually have three more blocks to this routine, but they have all been posted previously.

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From: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (USA)
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