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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7378)

This pattern uses 64 counts before repeating on the other side-- It's a lot of fun and breaks the monotony of repeating 32 counts over and over. This pattern is done with the instructor facing the front of the room-- it is best to teach any moves that require the students to be facing the back when they are facing the front first--Good Luck!

Pattern 1 (starts with right lead)

Repeat left lead

Pattern 2 (right lead first)

Repeat left lead-- that last 1/4 turn back should place you in a perfect position to start your left straddle up.

Pattern 3 (right lead first)

Repeat on left lead

*The 1/4 turns back require a bit of a hop turn type movement-- they are used to simply turn the body from being on the end to being on the side of the bench or vice versa. If the pattern doesn't come out right, then you are probably not doing this 1/4 turn correctly-- my students have the hardest time with that move.

No pattern begins (right and left leads) with the students completely facing the back of the room-- if you end one there, somthing's wrong. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions!!

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