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This is a shallow aqua routine. Begin by choosing you or your participant's 10 favorite moves. Label them #1, #2, #3, etc. I've found it helps to have a dry erase board on the side of the pool for remembering. Enjoy!

Warm up as you desire (make sure to stretch calves--they're gonna need em!)

***Interval*** for 20 seconds

***Interval*** for 30 seconds

***Interval*** for 35 seconds

Cool down walking across pool: forward/backward/side/soldier march Stretch those legs!!!

This pattern really makes you break a sweat. Keep in the moves as long as you want--I usually go at least 45 seconds from when the last person gets back from the jog. To keep your participants going, encourage them to focus on a particular part. For example, I'll say "Run ( ) widths--High Knees" or butt kicks, or white water, yelling the whole time :) I always alternate high intensity moves and not so intense (Move #1: Tuck Jumps, Move #2 X-Country Skis), give variations for high intensity moves, and make Move #10 participant's choice--they deserve it. The interval can be whatever you wish: flutter kicks on the side, push/pull on wall, etc.

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From: Ames, Iowa (USA)
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