Repeaters from H...eaven!

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Virtually all these patterns are borrowed from you guys or are just everybody's staples! My classes like ordinary steps put together differently every week. This website has been a life saver many times!!!!

Vertical bench

Combo #1

Total 64

Teach this combo first (starting with 2 single knees rather than the repeaters if they aren't good and warm). You will come back to this between all the other patterns for a high-intensity interval.

Combo #2

Total 32

Insert combo #1, this time abducts

Combo #3

Repeat other lead, facing back of room, total 64

Insert combo #1, this time hams

Combo #4

Repeat other lead, total 64

Insert combo #1, this time knee/abduct/ham repeaters

Combo #5

When put together as a whole, this takes about 3-and-a-half minutes.

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From: Hendersonville, Tennessee (USA)
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