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I teach a deep water class that has participants that have been coming for years. I am a new teacher to them so they like the new moves and things I do but I am trying to challenge myself to come up with new workouts all the time but to also make it fun. (I have a class of all older women and I notice they like to be involved) I got a big beach ball and gave it to one woman to start off... Then we started with the letter 'A' proceeding down the alphabet. The first one had to come up with a move for 'A' then we would do that move for a certain amount of time. Then she would throw the ball to another lady and she would have to name a move for the letter 'B'. We had so much and were laughing so hard. They came up with some really creative answers. (For 'Z' they said zig zag through each other.) We had fun and made sure to keep moving to keep our hearts up. It's not a workout focused on strength training I know...but they had a lot of fun and it was something different for them! I would be interested to know what any of you thought of this, since I am newer to this!

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