Lat Variation

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 6732)

Lat variation to incorporate into class. Have your class partner up. You will need a step/bench and Tubing (the kind with handles).

Bench is vertical. One person #1 is supine on bench. Person #2 is standing up, their knees are facing person #1's head (Person #2 will stand at the the short end of the step). Take the tubing and wrap it around the back of person #2's legs (the wider their stance, the more stable). Person #1 places a handle in each hand, palms face their feet, and keeping arms extended (but not locked) presses down towards their feet. Start with arms straight out to side (shoulder height) and press down to outer thighs. Think about standing in the swimming pool and pressing your arms straight down into the water. This is the same resistance for the person laying on the bench. If you want to keep both people working at the same time, you could have the standing partner do military presses or bicep curls.

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