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Saw the 1st 8 count move on another web site and have never seen it used here P.S. they didn't have a name for it so I took the liberty of calling it cross over hop turn-- so have fun with this - I love it. Horizontal - 32 count blocks - self-reversing. All start right foot lead.

Block 1

Reverse left foot lead.

Block 2

Block 3

*1 Travel knee - cross over hop turn: this is the move I saw on the other site. So your students get the concept - do traveling knees or (corner corner knees) but do them in one corner only. So in other words - you are not traveling. The 1st 4 counts is normal the second 4 counts your back leg (furthest from the step) is crossing over and you are lifting up your inside leg on the knee lift. After they get this concept - do 1 traveling knee cross over with the back (outside) leg and do a hop turn to the other side of the step. The hop turn turns backwards (away from body). If you need further tips - please email.

**Wandering peg leg: right leg steps on bench - left on floor - right leg straddles step - left leg on floor - right leg to step - left leg to floor - right leg mambos behind (using whole length of step)

***Bowtie: diagonal cut straddle down (4 counts) diagonal back to opposite side.

Hope you can figure out the above. Love to hear from you if you have questions. I especially enjoy the unusual - creative - advanced patterns that many of you submit.

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