Cara's Tapless Tempest

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 6723)

Self reversing, 32 count, tapless combos:
Here's a couple:

Always starting with right leg leading:


Repeat left lead.

*Facing back like a reverse V-step:
Step left 1-2 kick right as your turning on stop of step like a reverse V, step right, 3-4 kick left still facing back, turn to face off west end and 5-6 straddle down 7-8 and up facing out on the end. 8 counts

**From on top of step facing out west end, alternating lunge 3X = 1-2 lunge left off front of step, 3-4 lunge right off back, 5-6 lunge left off front of step and 7-8 step down off front of step, 8 counts


*** 1 Lunge left leg off front, 2 pivot 180, 3 lunge left leg off back, 4 switch legs and 5 lunge right leg off front, 6 pivot 180, 7 lunge right leg off back, 8 finish lunge bring leg on top. Like a figure 8 of 4 lunges! Cue "lunge, pivot, lunge, switch legs, lunge, pivot, lunge switch" into repeater 3.

Also I would like to add if you submit tapless, self-reversing 32 count patterns please designate it the title to faciliate the search for those of us who teach tapless - thank you for all your creative influence! If you need further instruction or explanation, let me know. Happy Stepping!

Added by Cara Balak Davidson at 10:02 AM on Thursday, March 16, 2000 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
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