Tapless In Vegas #12 (I'm Back!)

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Hello everyone! I'm back with a few patterns that are working for me right now. I've been absent from this site for some months. I added personal training to my already busy life and the result has been a severe reduction in my discretionary time. Success is very cool but very time consuming. My classes are still going strong and here's what we're up to this week. As always no tap changes, all patterns are 32 counts and self-reversing. Map directions are in use; N S E W.

Block 1

*Knee-V-knee flip (facing front center):

** Kick straddle, push, shuffle (begins facing the back of the room):

Build it as a corner to corner leg to the side with arms reaching out to the sides then circling overhead. Add a lift as the legs reach to the sides. Finish it by making it a circular movement where you step somewhat forward off the step (with knees and toes turned outwards) and then backwards onto the step. This sounds complicated and dangerous but it isn't. Allow your people to choose option 1,2, or 3. It all works. Most people will opt for the true UFO with no problems.

Block 2

* L swing and basic over:
Stay in your L-step with arms and legs swinging pendulum-like for 10 counts. The 11 and 12 counts are your down-down then do a basic over to complete the 16 count phrase.

** Wave:
A syncopated 4 count move over the top. Up-up-down-rock back/front. One-and-two, three-four. Arms help in a wave motion.

*** Pop:
A-step-jump on the corner with a clap overhead.

**** 4 Fast, 2 slow:
4 quick taps followed by 2 slow ones for a total of 8 counts. Build into it by tapping slow x4.

Block 3

* Knee lunge hop etc.:

What a great move! So useful for when you end up on top. Thanks a million Kat!!

Repeat the move to complete 8 counts.

***Down-down repeater2 down-down:
This gets you from the top back to the floor. I do the repeater like a double soccer score, inner thigh.

****2 Kick jack:
Up-kick up-kick, jack out/in, down-down.

Block 4

*Skip 2, run-run (8 counts no lead change):

**Double knee kick shuffle (8 counts with a lead change): It's a Repeater2 down karate kick to the side then shuffle the floor to the other corner. Very funky, very cool.

***Half time basic:
Just like it sounds. A slow basic. You've got time to add some style here.

****Funky basic (8 counts):

Block 5

*Swoop mambo shuffle (8 counts with a lead change): Facing straight on to the step.

** 2 Square down kick (8 counts with a lead change):

*** Knee straddle, over and up:

**** Pogo repeater:
Finish this move facing forward.
It's a repeater 3 that jumps onto the corner with both feet on counts 2-4-6 with big claps overhead. The 7-8 is your down-down to face front again.

Please feel free to E me with questions. I do assume quite a bit when notating these patterns. As always there are no tap changes. These patterns work best with an intermediate to advanced group that is familiar with taplessness.

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From: Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
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