Everybody Dance!

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6780)

The class loved this routine. Any questions, feel free to email :)

Section One.

Section Two.

Repeat the single scoops and easy walk turn 3 more times, you should have travelled right round the room and be back facing the front

Section Three.

Repeat, marching or jogging to the back wall, then step touch turn to the front.

Section Four

Repeat to the other corner

Section 5.

You are now ready to travel the whole routine around the room!


Step knees to turn (to the left): Step left foot to the side, lift right knee, step right foot to right side, lift left knee. Repeat, so you have four step knees. To add the turn, just keep turning to the left as you do the four step knees, bringing you back to where you started. Usually I don't even bother introducing step knees and then adding the turn, I'll have the class do two sidesteps and then demo it and just about everybody picks it up.

Step touch turn (Travelling backwards): Do a normal step touch back for counts 1 and 2. As you step the right foot to the side for count three, start turning to the back, you should be facing the back as you touch the left foot beside right. Then do the last step touch facing the back. Then repeat to the back to turn back to the front. I like to say as I'm showing them it - "3, 2, 1 and turn" they seem to remember that.

Good luck!

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