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This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 6787)

Combo 1:

(To pump up the intensity, see Note 1 below)
Combo total: 32 counts

Combo 2:

(Options to this - see Note 2 below)

Combo total: 64 counts

Combo 3:

Combo total: 16 counts (32 counts if repeated)

Combo 4:

Combo Total: 32 counts (going each way. Grand total: 64 counts)

My special notes:

Note 1: You can change the grapevine into shuffle (left or right) followed by the two jacks to increase the intensity. At faster tempos, this is more advantageous.

Note 2: This combo is a really basic set of variations of knee lifts. If you want to "spice it up" a little, here is a suggestion. Everyone jams in place on the first parts of the combo. The twist comes in when you begin crossing behind. Begin a forward motion towards the front of the room. Repeat the whole pattern, only on the second time move backwards on the cross backs. For hi impact, it is really fun. Low impact is a little trickier with the footwork.

Note 3: "Pause jacks" are a syncopated type of jack. For purposes of clarity, "slows" are a two-count hold while "fasts" are the standard one-count for the open or close phase of the jack. It normally takes two counts to do a complete jack sequence (open/close). The pause jack is based on rhythm and syncopation. It normally comes in two sets. You bring your legs back together and prepared for the next sequence. Set #1 is: fast open, fast close, slow open (legs are apart for two counts) (4 count total). Set #2 is: fast close, fast open, slow close (legs are together for two counts) (4 count total). I normally follow this pattern up with four side heels (8 counts). Repeat the entire 16-count combination for a perfect 32!

Note 4: The "X" step is just like the pattern for the STEP, but without the bench...

Note 5: You can alternate mambo leads by using a cha-cha-cha between each. It pumps up the intensity and makes it more interesting. Do not do the alternating move after the third mambo! You want to be set up to perform the full 360-degree pivot on the designated foot. This will prepare you for the next grapevine.

At lower tempos, it is better to add the embellishments of cha-chas, etc. Do not try to go too fast with this! The trick in some of these patterns is watching the lead. Cue the lead foot well ahead of the beat and your students will do fine. I often preview the moves before class or incorporate a "milder" version during the warm-up. The more comfortable the class gets with it, the more autonomous the results when you make a specific call.

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From: Converse, Texas (USA)
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