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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 6795)

Spring is here and after a 3 month hiatus since my last submission because of school.
Now I am primed and ready to do some Spring Cleaning.

I will reintroduce myself to those whom have not seen me recently and are new to Turnstep.

I go under the Title of Goodboxerseyes or GB:')s in my most of my submissions. I have been a Nurse for just over 20 years and have just recently made a career change. I am now entering my 4th year as a Cardio Kick Box Instructor with a certification in Boxing for Fitness by a Master Reebok Instructor from Toronto Canada. I am the host of an Exercise and Fitness Website Library called "Fun To Stay Fit" in the Excite Clubs.

I have made a total of 33 submissions to Boxaerobics and my goal for next few submissions or so is to emphasize safety in Choreography. I will start with revisions with my own submission so as I can clean up my submissions before I start to clean up another's submission of a Boxaerobic move or exercise I feel could lead to injury.

I will explain this in an easy 3 Step process:

My first submission is a very good place to begin.
It is called Boxercise Program #1 (it is a class format)

My first emphasis is the Beats Per Minute or BPM of the format used.

**I made a major error in entering the BPM of the Technical Warm up (where you practice your punches- or with kicks in CKB) and the Stationary Boxing Section.

With that said make sure any movement done with the proper BPM are a progression to a more complex move and not the other way around. The joints and other parts of the body need to be warmed and well lubricated for any combinations.

Until next time have Fun Staying Fit and teaching your class. But remember what makes you successful as a teacher is the safety of your class not the popularity of your class. I would rather teach to 10 participants a safe routine than to fill an auditorium with participants and teach them what is just popular to teach.

Until my next submission check out "Fun to Stay Fit" website in Excite Clubs and join this information library as a member to stay current and comment on the information provided.

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From: St. Thomas Ontario (Canada)
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