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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6823)

- = 8 counts

Combination 1 (start with left foot front)

* Simulataneous duck right-hook.

Combination 2 (start feet next to each-other)

Repeat as many as you like

Combination 3 (start with left foot front)

** Jump back, left and right feet in same stand as start position, right hand defense a left jab at the same time you jump back, this is a 1 count move, then jump forward, keep feet the same as start position, left jab at same time you jump forward, this is also a 1 count move, together it is 2 counts of course.

Combination 4

(same as combination 3, now start with right foot front)

Combination 5

Combination 6

Begin with a warming up. Loosen up your shoulders, punches are without force. Every punch you use during your boxaerobic, should you practice in your warming up. Then practice all the kicks you are using. After a good warming up, you may begin with the combinations. I am a builder, one for one. Example combination 6:

I hope you understand the principle of my teaching (building). I gave you the combinations, it's up to you how you teach them. I wish you good luck and most off all....fun..and keep it save.

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From: Maarssen, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
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